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Chairs and Creating the best environment for you

A banner of a jack frost plushy sitting on a new office chair

I recently got a new chair, and it made me start to think about ergonomics a lot more.

Picture of a jack frost plushy sitting on a new office chairPicture of an particularly simple chair, that being the old chair Overall, it’s great. The mesh back allows for a lot of airflow, there’s fantastic back support, and there’s also retractable armrests.

For something that I got on deal for $30, I think it was more than a good bargain, especially compared to the Wish Chair From Hell that costs around the same.

However, there’s only one type of chair I think would be worse…

Picture of a chair marketed towards Gamers

Gaming chairs are NOT good!

(and here’s why)

Gaming chairs, because they take direct inspiration off of racing car seats, or bucket seats, they are designed to preserve a human in the case of a crash. They are designed to protect against large and sudden G-Forces, not for comfort or even for ergonomics.

Bucket seats are designed so that you would tense up, especially around your shoulders, when mixed with the chest breathing technique, which a lot of people don’t even know is a terrible way to breath, means that you are making yourself more and more uncomfortable just by sitting on a chair.

Diagram of proper and improper breathing technique, chairs that take inspiration from bucket seats encourage improper breathing techniques at the benefit of preserving life in high G-force enviroments

Ergonomics VS Comfort, A Battle of Frenemies

Truth is, I have a ridiculously small desk. It’s dimentions are 31x18.5 inches, and sans an elevated platform at the back, there really isn’t anything special about this desk, however what’s creativity without restrictions?

Picture of a blank desk with a deskmat, lamp, and mouseAn overview of a blank desk with a deskmat, lamp, and mouse With a deskmat, Mechanical Keyboard, some games, maybe a plushy or two, a CD Player, and a bunch of other bits and bops, it really does start to feel like home.

Picture of a desk full of sentimental materials with a laptop pearched ontop of an elevated section in the back

Notice the large space between the mouse and the keyboard. This was intenionally done to prevent Carpal Tunnel, through minimizing as many intersections my arms have to deal with on a regular basis.

The position of my laptop is a deliberate choice, as to prevent neckpain. Proper office ergonomics states that you shouldn’t have to move your head down to look at your screen.

A diagram showing proper laptop/monitor placement to encourage the best posture

The elevated platform is simply a convienent alternative to the advised laptop stand in the diagram above

I find that comfort isn’t just a physical state, but a mental state as well. If you’re comfortable both physically and mentally, you will overall perform better at any task that you set yourself out to complete.


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